About WinXian edge banding manufacturer

  We are an edge banding material manufacturer from China. Our products include PVC edge banding, ABS edge banding, acrylic edge banding, melamine edge banding, edge banding glue and so on. Our sales areas are mainly in Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa

    Our products have passed the EU standard ROHS environmental testing and are widely used in furniture, cabinets, speakers, floors, steel plates, interior decoration and other industries


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edge banding

        WinXian stocks thousands of edge banding colors to match virtually all laminates, melamines, and thermal products.

        We also custom glue and slit edgebanding to meet your exact specifications.

        Thicknesses of 1/2mm pvc edge banding, 1mm Acrylic edge banding, 1.5mm pvc edge banding, 2/3mm pvc edge banding, 3/4 black melamine edge banding,Acrylic edge bandingare available at 1/2″ wide, up to 6″ Master Rolls.

        WinXian offers custom production of edge banding to meet all of your edge banding requirements with the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

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