What temperature do you glue Edgebanding?

The temperature at which you should glue edge banding depends on the type of adhesive you are using. The most common adhesive for edge banding is hot melt adhesive (hot glue), and it is typically applied within a specific temperature range. Here are general temperature guidelines for gluing edge banding with hot melt adhesive:

edge banding hotmelt glue

Temperature Range for Hot Melt Adhesive:

  • Hot melt adhesive is commonly applied within a temperature range of approximately 180°C to 220°C (356°F to 428°F).

Important Points to Consider:

  • Use a hot glue gun or an edge banding machine equipped with a heated applicator to apply the hot melt adhesive.
  • Ensure that your equipment has temperature control settings to maintain the adhesive within the recommended range.
  • Different hot melt adhesives may have specific temperature requirements, so always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the adhesive you are using.
  • Properly prepare the edge banding and substrate surfaces by cleaning and, if necessary, sanding them to promote good adhesion.
  • Apply the hot melt adhesive evenly along the edge of the substrate or on the back of the edge banding material, depending on your equipment and process.
  • Once the adhesive is applied, quickly position the edge banding onto the substrate, ensuring proper alignment. Apply pressure to create a strong bond.
  • As the adhesive cools and solidifies, it forms a strong bond between the edge banding and the substrate. This typically happens within seconds to minutes, depending on the adhesive and environmental conditions.

PVC edge banding

Always consult the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of both the hot melt adhesive and the edge banding material you are using. The manufacturer’s recommendations will include details on the appropriate temperature settings, application process, and any additional steps required to ensure a successful bond.

Proper temperature control and adherence to the recommended procedures are essential for achieving a strong and durable bond when gluing edge banding.