Best pvc edge banding in india

If you are looking for the best PVC edge banding options in India, you have several reputable manufacturers and suppliers to consider.

McCoy Mart offers a variety of PVC edge banding tapes, including those from Rehau, which are known for their matte finishes and come in packs that can cover significant lengths. They are recognized for their protective qualities against elements such as heat and dust, giving a finished look to your furniture​ (McCoy Mart)​.PVC edge banding

REHAU India provides a wide range of uPVC edge bands suitable for kitchen furniture edges, boasting superior color-matching technology and flexibility in terms of thousands of colors and sizes. They offer innovative solutions including their REHAU uPVC Edgebands which are antibacterial, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, with the capability to deliver as little as 50 meters promptly​ (Rehau)​.

E3 Panels is another significant name, known for being the first to introduce 50-metre packaging for PVC edge banding in Asia. They offer a vast selection of colors and finishes, including matt, gloss, and sparkle, in various tape widths and thicknesses to suit your specific needs​ (E3Panels)​.

Unipegasus Profiles Pvt. Ltd. stands out as one of the prominent PVC edgebanding manufacturers in Delhi, offering products that come with a variety of advantages and are available in multiple sizes and colors to match any laminate​ (Edge Band India)​.

For a more localized option, Indian Edge in Chennai manufactures high-quality PVC edge banding tape, providing a broad range of finishes like solid, wood grains, and high glossy. They offer nationwide supply and are known for their extensive experience in the furniture industry​ (Indian Edge)​.

If these edge banding suppliers do not meet your requirements, you can choose an edge banding manufacturer from China (ZhiShang). ZhiShang produces cost-effective edge banding strips, but its disadvantage is that the minimum order quantity is 5,000 meters.edge banding manufacture

When choosing PVC edge banding, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements of your project, such as the color, finish, and durability you need, as well as the supplier’s location and the services they offer. Each of these suppliers provides a range of products and services that could be a good match depending on your project’s unique specifications.